Quit Smoking

Do any of these beliefs about quitting smoking sound familiar?

‘I can’t quit.’

‘I’ve tried before and it didn’t work – I don’t want to fail again.’

‘I’m controlled by smoking.’

‘Smoking helps when I’m stressed.’

‘I’ll put on weight.’

‘I’m addicted to nicotine.’

‘I’m only a social smoker.’

‘What will my friends or family say.’

These were my beliefs twenty years ago until I had a hypnosis session and I haven’t smoked, or even wanted to smoke, since that session. If you really want to quit these beliefs can be changed during a quit smoking session at Sussex Hypnotherapy – putting you back in control by getting rid of this habit for ever, easily, painlessly, without putting on weight or the need for other substances.

There are many reasons that people start to smoke, maybe for you it was to fit in with friends, or to feel grown up, or as a form of rebellion. But these are probably very old and outdated reasons that are no longer useful to you, with quit smoking hypnotherapy these can be updated or uninstalled so that you can live the life you now want. 


What do you want now?

A healthier life?

More energy?

To have control back?

A longer life?

To be around for your family?

More money in your wallet?

To look and smell better?

Everyone has their own reason to want to quit smoking, a reason that is more important than the desire to keep smoking, and during your quit smoking hypnotherapy session you will discover what is most important to you, making it easier for you to quit for good.


How quitting smoking can improve your health:

20 minutes – your resting heart rate reduces

12 hours – the carbon monoxide level in your blood reduces

2-12 weeks – the risk of heart attack reduces and lung function improves

1-9 months – coughing and shortness of breath decreases

1 year – the risk of heart disease is halved

10 years – the risk of lung cancer is halved

15 years – the risk of heart disease is about the same as for a person who has never smoked


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