“I went to see Mr Beavon for help with my anxiety, which I have suffered with for several years. I found him very conscientious and professional. He tailored our sessions to my personal requirements, of which were very effective.”

“I am still in the world of non smokers thanks to you.”

“Thank you very much for yesterday’s session, I really enjoyed it and came away feeling much better. That evening I did have 2 minor dramas that would normally have caused me to be very anxious and I coped fine.”

“Thank you, I am doing really well and so proud of myself. Many thanks.”

“I should like to take the opportunity to thank Alan for his most professional approach in helping not only myself but also my son. His help has given me a much more positive outlook. My wife and I were seriously concerned about our son’s mental well-being but having had a session with Alan he has been able, as like me, to have a much more positive outlook and is starting to move on with his life.”

“Hi Alan, still not had a ciggy.”

“Thank you Alan for helping me over my fear of using a lift. For years I lived with this huge problem. But today after my second session with Alan. I actually got into a lift. Alan went with me. Today I got my life back again. As a sight impaired person I know longer need to struggle with Stairs or Escalators.”

“All good this end thank you, going according to plan.”

“Feeling very good! It definitely helped and I have been back on track again and limiting how much I drink. I am just being more mindful. Thanks again for all your help.”

“Everything is good, I can’t eat sweets.”

“Hi Alan, I am using the breathing and tapping and feeling calmer, also smiling more thanks to the imagery. Really glad I made time to see you. It has helped. Many thanks.”

“Hello Alan, I am feeling much more positive about trying to lose weight, seems to have “unblocked” my negativity, also your hints to get my mind off “my rubbish yearning” is rather effective! Thank you for putting me back into a positive frame of mind.”