What to expect – Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to achieve a deep inner focus which enables a therapist to make suggestions for the positive changes a client wants to make in their life. As a hypnotherapist I help you to achieve this inner focus, which is a naturally occurring state often experienced many times throughout the day. 

Under hypnosis you will also be in a deeply relaxed state, which allows the conscious, critical part of the mind to be bypassed, and the unconscious part to accept positive suggestions more readily.

You can only be hypnotised if you want to be, and although different clients experience the hypnotic state differently they often report a feeling of pleasant relaxation.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

The first session will include gathering relevant information that may be helpful for resolving your issue and will last for 1-1.5 hours.

The session helps to build rapport, understanding and confidence between you and I, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and for any misconceptions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to be resolved. And as you are in control of your therapy sessions, your goals and expectations will be discussed to help plan your time with me.

Subsequent sessions will last for 1 hour and will begin with your feedback from the previous session before hypnotherapy takes place, which further helps to individualise your sessions.

Quit Smoking hypnotherapy is usually one session lasting up to 2 hours.

How many sessions are needed?

A minimum of two sessions are recommended as follow-up sessions can help to reinforce the therapy work you have received. An issue may be resolved in a single session, depending on its nature, duration and severity. Quit Smoking is usually a single 2 hour session.

Is hypnotherapy guaranteed to work for me?

The nature of hypnotherapy will require effort on your part and a commitment to the individualised therapy and positive therapeutic suggestions made during your sessions. A successful resolution to your issue cannot be guaranteed but I guarantee my full commitment to your success.